Bumper is one of those once in a lifetime dogs.  We have traveled many miles and done a lot together.  He’s been as loyal to me and my family as they come.  He’s the type of dog that’s always waiting for you and wanting to be at your side.  His desire to please has made him easy to train and easy to handle.  Weighing at 58 lbs and being a very athletic dog, you can do just about anything with him.  He’s the kind that can go all day on a horseback ride or hike, jump in a kayak or on a paddleboard, and just travel with you in the truck.  He’s super with kids and great around the house.  As a gundog he’s very natural retriever.  He boasts a lot of drive on retrieve, naturally delivers to hand and is super quiet in the blind.  

As a sire he passes they same characteristics onto his pups.  He has sired many pups that have become service/therapy, search and rescue, waterfowl guide, and great family companions.  I have personally trained a number of his pups and they all have that strong desire to please, make great eye contact, natural ability in the field, a great work ethic, and nice on/off switch.  Bumper is our foundation dog and we are grateful to have a couple of his offspring in our breeding program to carry on his legacy.