Each one of our dogs was raised and train by us.  The reason we do this is we want to have the best understanding of each one and confidence that we have the right dogs in our breeding program.  Our dogs are our personal companions and part of our family.   Hiking, camping, water sports, and hunting are some of the many things we enjoy doing with our dogs.  Our dogs partner with us in other ways.  We performing training demonstrations and teaching classes together.  Often times together we are working with kids about obedience and our relationship with Christ.  We love the group of dogs we have right now and have spent a lot of time researching pedigrees, genetics, etc. to pick the group of dogs we have at our kennel.  

What we look for in a dog 

1.)  Genetic Soundness – we do extensive testing on our dogs to ensure we are doing our best to produce genetically sound puppies.  We use the the Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) offered from the Kennel Club in England to check the breeding values of all our brood stock.  All of our breeding stock’s EBV is low ensuring all our puppies will carry strong hip and elbow genetics.   We try our very best to ensure we are producing the most genetically sound dog we can.  We take this very seriously and stand behind our dogs 100%.

2.)  Disposition – we only breed dogs that we like being around.  What we look for in disposition is a strong desire to please, good work ethic, good drive in the field but has an off switch around the house.  We also like a dog that can handle high pressure situations.

3.)  Size and athletic ability.  We like athletic dogs on the smaller size(males 55-65 lbs / females 40-50 lbs.).  We are trying to produce a dog that can go and do anything you want in the outdoors.  Our Labradors weigh from Males 55-65 lbs / Females – 40-50.  Cocker Spaniels weigh from Males 25-30 lbs / Females 20-30 lbs.